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Online Resources

Kid Friendly Sites

4-6 Year Olds

4-6 Year Olds often haven’t mastered reading and writing, so sites for them should rely on pictures and sounds, and use the mouse for navigation.

7-10 Year Olds

7-10 Year Olds are branching out and becoming independent. Novelty is important, and games that involve active participation and advancing levels of play are appropriate.

11-14 Year Olds

Preteens and early teens are trying to figure out the world and their place in it.

Parenting Sites

Helpful Links

PreSchoolTeacher.org – PreSchool Teacher Resources.
Parenting.com – find articles by child’s age or topic.
Fathers.com – National Center for Fathering
OneADDPlace – Excellent resource for children and adults with ADD & ADHD
GreatSchools.net – Offers educational tools for parents (K-12)
Parenting.org – Sponsored by Girls & Boys Town
KidSourceOnLine – Site for parents by parents focusing on health and education related issues.
FCC Parents Place – Federal Communications Commission’s informational website for parents.
Baby Proofing and Kids Home Safety Guide
Getting your kids to sleep
A School Nurse’s Guide to Kids’ Health and Safety
How to keep children safe online

Clayton makes no representation as to the accuracy or authenticity of any information presented on any of the above web sites. They are for recommendation purposes only. Please advise if you find a site that is no longer in operation. We welcome your suggestions for additional links.