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Clayton Parent Handbook

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The Clayton Commitment to High-Quality Youth Development

Core knowledge and competencies describe the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed by professionals to provide high-quality afterschool and youth development programming and Clayton Youth Enrichment believes that offering quality programs with caring adults can help to prepare children for a great life. All programs are expected to operate following best practices including;

  • A warm and supportive environment
  • Balanced program practices
  • Staff use strategies that are developmentally appropriate for each child
  • Staff act as positive role models
  • Program staff will encourage and coach children to use positive social behavior.
  • Children are offered opportunities to practice social competencies.
  • Children are given a voice in programming and a variety of choices to participate in during our time with them.
  • Children will experience cooperative hands on learning with groups of their peers.
  • Children will benefit from a focus on group discussions and learning how to express themselves
  • Children will be given opportunities to self-reflect and assess their behavior and choices.
  • We encourage children to approach challenges with grit and persistence.


We accomplish these elements by training, coaching, and mentoring our staff to implement social and emotional learning based programming and assessing their effectiveness in crediting a positive culture and climate using the 5 Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competency model.

The Clayton Commitment to High-Quality Youth Development

Clayton Corporate Office and Centers will be closed in observance of the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Day before Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve


Full Day Care for Breaks, Intersession and Summer
Clayton recognizes that working parents need full day programs during school holidays and in-service days. Selected locations will be open during the winter, spring, and summer breaks and for most school holidays. Registration and reservation details will be available approximately two months prior to optional full day programs and three months prior to summer programs. Reservations are required for all families attending full day programs. It is important for us to know how many children will be attending so staff can be scheduled accordingly. Parents are encouraged, to register early in order to qualify for early bird rates. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. When a center is at capacity, parents may be asked to take their child to another location where space is available. Children without reservations will be accepted only if space is available. Once full day reservations are received, no credit or refunds will be issued for cancellations. Fees: Clayton considers a full week of care to be when care is scheduled to be offered at least 3 days within a week. If a site is scheduled to be open for three or more days in a week, parents are charged the weekly fee. If a site is only scheduled to be open 2 or fewer days within a week, the fee will be billed at the daily rate. When children attend school and our program regularly for 3 or more days a week and there are also 1 or 2 full day off holiday or in service days within that week, full day programs will be offered at an additional cost to cover the extra hours of care offered in those days. Parents not wishing to attend the full day programs during this week will only be charged the weekly fee. The regular full weekly fee will not be charged during full week breaks (fall, winter and spring).

Field Trips, Transportation, & Swimming
Field trips and swimming may be planned during full day program time. An activity calendar will provide location, times and other important information. Fieldtrips will also be posted on the parent communication board. Transportation for field trips is provided by either Fort Worth ISD or Durham Bus Services.

School Closings/Disruption in Program
If schools are closed due to inclement weather or adverse conditions, Clayton centers will also be closed. When schools delay opening, the centers will be open for after- school care only. If schools close early, then the Clayton programs will be closed too. Our programs respond to the decisions of each school district separately. There will be no refunds or adjustments if schools are closed due to inclement weather or adverse conditions. Notification of school closings will be by local newscast and posted on our web page. In the event that facility problems occur, i.e. no electricity or running water, extreme or worsening weather conditions, parents will be notified to pick-up children immediately.

Early Dismissals
When school is scheduled to be dismissed early (for teacher in-service, holidays or other events), the afterschool program hours will be adjusted to accommodate the early dismissal time. There will be no additional costs or fees for early dismissal days.

Behavior Expectations/Code of Conduct

Children and parents must adhere to Clayton policies, licensing standards, and school district guidelines. The Rules and Expectations form is to ensure that each child’s behavior is consistent with the policies. The child and parent should read the Rules and Expectations form together. Feel free to talk with our program staff should you have any questions about our behavior expectations.

Discipline & Guidance
The following policies are based on an understanding of individual needs, the development and promotion of self-discipline and acceptable behavior. A positive reinforcement approach that encourages self-esteem, self- control and self-direction will be used. Clayton follows discipline and guidance polices that are consistent with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Child Care Licensing Minimum Standards for School- Age programs, Subchapter G.

The center staff will ensure that discipline and guidance are consistent for all children.

When there is a discipline problem, the following actions may be taken:

  • Step 1: A Communication Form will be completed and discussed with the parent and child.
  • Step 2: A conference will be scheduled to discuss a Behavior Agreement outlining appropriate behavior expectations, unacceptable behavior, and possible future consequences.
  • Step 3: Parents may be requested to pick up their child for the day.
  • Step 4: If a child’s behavior continues to be a disruption to the center, the child may be suspended or released from the program at the discretion of the Director of Programs.

If a child is suspended from school, the child may not attend Clayton during the suspension time.

Clayton reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a child immediately for violating any of the following:

  • Inflicting physical harm to oneself or another individual including adults
  • Threatening or bullying other children or adults
  • Destruction of property
  • Inappropriate touching of another individual
  • Possession of a weapon, controlled substance or alcohol
  • Leaving the program area without permission


Child Assessments
Clayton is committed to meeting the unique needs of each child served. If a child is identified as being in need of more individualized care, a determination will be made based on the child’s needs before his/her enrollment is considered complete. The purpose of this determination is to evaluate if the program design and staff can meet the needs of the child. Our goal is for every child to succeed in our program. However, Clayton centers are group childcare facilities and consequently, they are unable to provide individual one-on-one care, including assisting in the restroom. Contact the Corporate Office at (817) 923-9888 or email if you would like to schedule a meeting or initial assessment with program staff.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Accompany the child into the center during morning check-in times, and pin/sign the child in for the day.
  2. Pin/sign the child out of the center each day. Children are not allowed to sign themselves in or out of the program. Failure to comply may result in termination of services.
  3. Check the parent information board daily for communication regarding policies, holiday registration and other important information.
  4. Notify the center if the child will be absent for the afternoon. Messages may be left on the center phone. The school faculty is not responsible for notifying Clayton of absences. A $10.00 search fee will be charged to parents who fail to report their child’s absence. It is not necessary to report morning absences.
  5. Notify the administrative office and center staff of any change in those individuals authorized to pick up the child.
  6. Report any change to Client Services at the corporate office regarding your child’s enrollment records. For example: Change in address, phone numbers, physician, emergency contacts, and any updates to the immunization records.
  7. Pick up a sick or injured child from the center as soon as possible after being notified by the center.
  8. Adhere to Clayton policies; Clayton follows the policies of the host school district and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Child Care Licensing.
  9. Drop-in/Daily Rate participants must notify the program of their attendance by 12:00pm, preferably by text message to the site phone.


Release of Children
Children are released only to authorized individuals, 18 years of age or older, listed on the enrollment form. A person picking up a child for the first time, or not recognized by staff, will be required to provide photo identification. Center staff will make a copy or photograph of the person’s ID to place in the child’s file at the center.

Sign-in & out forms are legal documents and are the property of Clayton. Copies can only be provided if requested and accompanied by a court order or subpoena that names Clayton Youth Enrichment directly.

Legal Issues – Custody of Care
Certified legal documentation must be provided to Clayton staff in the following circumstances

  • If that documentation involves or includes instructions and/or specifically names Clayton Youth Enrichment or the childcare provider
  • Orders physical limitations or restrictions of a person involved with the child
  • Restraining orders
  • Orders revoking rights
  • Supervised visitation
  • Any other order or document that pertains to the immediate safety of the child.

Without legal documentation either parent will be allowed full access to the child during program time. In the event that an unauthorized adult attempts contact with the child, the local police department and custodial parent/legal guardian will be contacted.

Clayton will not accept orders that stipulate payment arrangements between parents or involve itself in deciding which parent is responsible for payment. The primary account holder is responsible for all fees due to Clayton and communication will be limited to them and those they give permission to regarding financial information. Any and all arrangements outside of our normal policies and procedures for payment must be approved by and are at the discretion of the Client Services Manager and his/her Supervisors.

Parent Information

Homework Policy
Clayton recognizes that most families have busy evening schedules and outside commitments that allow children to participate in sports and other activities. To assist our parents in meeting these commitments and their child’s commitment to school, children are given a focused, quiet time to work on homework. Children will be encouraged to do homework but will not be forced. Other academic quiet activities will be available for children who do not have homework. Clayton staff members are not certified tutors, so parents should also check their child’s homework for accuracy and completion. Our program is designed to offer a variety of enriching activities in addition to homework assistance.

Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is always welcome at the centers. Involvement may include:
1. Chaperone a field trip. Additional actions may be required (such as background checks etc.)
2. Assist in activities, especially holiday parties.
3. Make monetary or material donations at the Center or on our donation page.
4. Share about your occupation or cultural heritage.

Authorized parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit. A copy of the Child Care Licensing Minimum Standards and the most recent Licensing Inspection reports are available for review at the center or DFPS Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

We request that cell phones and other devices not be used while dropping off or picking up your child. All communication should be directed to the Site Supervisor, so that center staff can supervise the children. In order to better meet the needs of your child, we may share information with school personnel. Clayton strives to deliver the highest quality and most appropriate services to children and their families. As part of this commitment, Clayton recognizes that children and families have an invested interest in the type and quality of services received. We welcome all feedback, and any comments or concerns related to the program can be directed to either the center staff or Clayton corporate management. We request that any serious concerns be discussed outside of program time so as not to disrupt the flow of activities.

Non-Clayton After School Activities
In the event that your child participates in a school or community sponsored activity, an Authorization for Child to Leave Program form will need to be completed before the child can be released. Examples of such activities could include tutoring, sports, special clubs and assisting teachers.

Outdoor Play
Staff inspects playground equipment daily to ensure its safety. Children may not be allowed to play on equipment if staff has determined it to be unsafe. Playground equipment located on public school property may not meet the requirements of HHSC licensing standards. The nature of our programs is to provide youth with an ample amount of outdoor experiences in multiple environments, including structured games, learning activities, and small group interactions.

All centers are equipped with a cell phone. Voicemail or text messages may be left at any time. The use of the telephone is for business purposes only. Use of the telephone by the children and staff is discouraged. Children are not allowed to use personal cell phones at the center.

Child Abuse Prevention
Clayton realizes the crucial role that “mandated reporters” play in keeping children safe. Clayton provides all staff with child abuse prevention training and ensures awareness of their responsibility to report when there is reason to suspect that a child may be abused, neglected, abandoned, or exploited. It is the policy of Clayton that any suspicion or allegation of abuse, neglect, abandonment or exploitation perpetrated against a child is reported in adherence to the mandated reporter policy.

Gang Free Zone
Gang related criminal activity or engaging in organized criminal activity within 1000 ft. of the school building is a violation of the law and is subject to increased penalty under state law.

General Information

Snacks & Lunches

  • During full-day programs, parents should provide children with a sack lunch. Morning and Afternoon snack will be provided.
  • Parents should provide appropriate snack items for children with special dietary needs due to medical or religious reasons for days when the posted snack is not suitable. A statement from a physician or a registered licensed dietician must be provided to serve a child an alternative meal or special diet.
  • On school holidays and during the summer, children must bring a nutritional lunch from home. Clayton is not responsible for the nutritional value or for meeting the child’s daily needs when food is provided by the parent.
  • Clayton strives to maintain a peanut-free zone whenever possible.

Insect Repellant and Sunscreen
During holiday camps and field trips, children will have more opportunity for outdoor play and exposure to the sun. We highly recommend that parents apply insect repellant and sunscreen at home before coming to the program. Parents should also supply their children with insect repellant and sunscreen to bring to the center. These items must be in their original container and labeled with the child’s name. Staff will remind children to apply insect repellant and sunscreen multiple times per day. Staff may assist children younger than age 9 with the application. For this reason, spray varieties rather than lotions are strongly encouraged.

Emergency Preparedness
For the following emergencies, the Clayton school age child care program will relocate to an area away from the school until the emergency is no longer a threat: earthquake, lightning storm, severe weather including tornadoes, or a situation outside with an unsafe person. Once relocated, all children will be accounted for and the appropriate Clayton staff and licensing officials will be notified.

For the following emergencies, the Clayton school age child care program will relocate to an area outside of the school until the emergency is no longer a threat: gas leak, bomb threat, hostage situation when able, fire, or internal flood. Once relocated, all children will be accounted for and the appropriate Clayton staff and licensing officials will be notified.

If we are unable to return to the school, Clayton will work with school officials, district transportation, and emergency management personnel to determine where care can be provided. Clayton will be responsible to communicate with parents and licensing should we need to relocate our program for an extended period of time.

Each afterschool program has available on-site an Emergency Preparedness plan specific to their school and program. This plan is available for review by staff, licensing representatives and parents.

Clayton is not responsible for medical expenses resulting from an illness or accident at the center.

Illness/Communicable Diseases
Care cannot be provided for children who are ill. An ill child will not be admitted if one or more of the following exists:

  1. Illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in program activities, including outdoor play.
  2. Illness requires a greater need of care that compromises the health and safety of other children.
  3. The child has one of the following, unless medical documentation
    by a healthcare professional indicates that a child can be included in the program activities:
    1. Oral temperature of above 100.4 degrees or arm pit temperature of 100 degrees and accompanied by behavior changes or other symptoms of illness;
    2. Symptoms of illness such as lethargy, abnormal breathing, uncontrolled diarrhea, two or more vomiting episodes in 24 hours, rash with fever, mouth sores with drooling, behavior changes or any other signs that the child is ill
  4. A healthcare professional has diagnosed the child with a communicable disease, and the child does not have medical documentation to indicate that the child is no longer contagious.

Parents will be called to pick up children who become ill at the center. If a child is dismissed from school due to illness, or if a child has been in a nurse’s office at the end of the day, that child will not be allowed to come to our program. Children must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing aids in order to return to the program. Please contact the center immediately if your child has a communicable disease. When a communicable disease is reported, a note may be posted to inform other parents of possible exposure, but will not include any identifying information.

Medical Accident or Emergency
In case of a medical emergency, Clayton staff will call 911 and contact the parent. First aid treatment and CPR will be administered if needed. If the child is transported to the hospital, staff will take the child’s emergency medical release form and accompany the child to the hospital. Staff will stay at the hospital until the parent arrives.

If a child has head lice, the hair must be properly treated and all nits removed before the child can return to the center.

Food Allergies
If your child has food allergies, please discuss them in detail with the Site Coordinator. We will need to develop a Food Allergy Support Plan that will have to be signed by parent and doctor and must be on file at the center and updated every year. The staff at the center will take appropriate precautions. If at any time your child develops an allergy, please let us know immediately.

Children enrolled must meet applicable immunization requirements specified by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services does not require tuberculosis testing for children under the age of 14. At this time, Clayton does not require specific immunizations for staff, other than receiving confirmation of being free from tuberculosis.

Clayton is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of children entrusted to its care. Trained Clayton directors may only administer prescribed medication, over-the-counter medication, and topical ointment in adherence to Clayton policy and state regulations, concerning the safe administration and storage of medication. Prior to administering medication/topical ointment, a parent must complete the medication authorization form.

Health Checks, Hearing and Vision Screenings
Staff will visually observe each child as he/she enters the center each day to note for any unusual or abnormal appearance or sickness. Although comprehensive health checks are not conducted by Clayton staff, children may be referred to the school nurse if necessary. Hearing and vision screenings are done at the school and are kept on file at the school. Contact the host school campus for more details.

Personal Belongings

  • Clayton is not responsible for personal belongings or clothing that are lost or damaged.
  • Children participate in active play and should dress accordingly.
  • Pets from home are not allowed in the afterschool childcare program. Clayton will notify parents in advance if animals from vendors or enrichment providers will ever be introduced in the program. If a service animal is required for your child, please speak with the corporate office to discuss accommodations.
  • All items (clothing, school supplies, lunch boxes, etc.) should be marked with the child’s name


Clayton assumes no responsibility for staff’s conduct or activities outside Clayton programs. Staff members are not permitted to fraternize, transport or provide private child care for children who are or have been enrolled in our program.

Clayton sponsors fundraisers throughout the school year to purchase materials for each center and to support the scholarship fund. Participation by parents and children is strictly voluntary.

Refusal of Service

  1. Failure of parent or child to follow Clayton and school policies, procedures and guidelines.
  2. Falsifying or omission of information on Enrollment Application.
  3. Parent or child’s behavior is disruptive to program, including the use of physical or verbal abuse to staff or children.
  4. Failure to pay fees as scheduled.
  5. Failure to provide updated information and records.
  6. Failure to sign child in and/or out.
  7. Failure to pick up child by closing time.
  8. When the Director of Programs believes that continued services are not in the best interest of the child and/or agency.

Financial Terms and Conditions

Enrollment fees
Clients must pay an enrollment fee for each child enrolling in Clayton’s programs, including drop-ins. Enrollment fees are due at time of enrollment and are non-refundable. A separate enrollment fee is required for participation in summer programs. Children who leave Clayton’s program and re-enroll will be charged a re-enrollment fee in order to return.

Changes to enrollment
Enrollment changes cannot be processed on the parent portal. To submit an enrollment change request, contact the Client Service Department. A processing fee of $10.00 fee per child will be due at the time the change is processed. Enrollment changes must be in effect a minimum of four weeks before further changes can be made. Changes must be made one week in advance of the effective change date and are placed into effect on the first day of the week (Monday). Retroactive changes can not be made to attendance plans.

Program Options
Clayton Youth Enrichment (Clayton) offers two types of program options, scheduled attendance (3 to 5 days each week) plans and one variable attendance based plan.

1) Scheduled Attendance Plans (Scheduled Attendance 3 to 5 days each week)

  • After School Only Care
  • Before & After School Care*
  • Before School Only Care*
  • Full Day Care*
    *Not available at all locations.

2) Variable Attendance Based Plan (Unscheduled Attendance)

  • Daily Drop-In Care

Program Rates
Program rates are determined by the program option elected during enrollment.

Scheduled Attendance Plans charge an upfront flat fee each week based on the scheduled attendance of 3 to 5 days each week for a four week period. Actual attendance does not alter the weekly fee.*

  • Fees are based on a commitment of 3 to 5 days of attendance each week for a minimum period of 4 weeks. Extended care on early release days is included at no additional cost.
  • Fees are assessed based on the days of operation per week, not the child’s individual attendance within that week.
  • Fees will be billed at the daily rate if the week includes only 2 days of regular school attendance and 3 or more days of holiday.

Variable Attendance Based Plans charge a set per day per child fee based on actual child attendance.*
*See Rate Chart

School Year In-Service Days and Holidays
School Year In-Service Day and Holiday care are not included in the Scheduled attendance (3 to 5 days each week) plans or the Variable Attendance Based Plan.
During School Year In-service days and school Holidays, full day programs may be offered. These “camps” may be held at central locations or neighboring districts, but are not school specific. Clients are required to register in advance if planning to attend. Full day care rates will be applied for winter, spring, and summer breaks for those who register. Charges will not be incurred without a registration. Once registered, fees are non-refundable.

An additional fee, due at time of registration, will be charged for children attending full day care School Year In-service days and school holidays to cover the additional hours of care offered on those days. Scheduled Attendance Plan weekly billing for weeks that also include holidays or days off, is determined by the number of days our program operates at our regular hours during that week.

  • Scheduled Attendance Plan weekly fees are not charged on full weeks off where the family does not register for holiday programs.
  • If the full day program is offered in a week where there are at least 3 days of regularly scheduled school, then Scheduled Attendance Plan weekly fees will be charged and parents must pay in addition for each day of our full day program they register for attendance.

Due Date
Scheduled attendance (3 to 5 days each week) plan fees are due on the Monday of each week of service. The weekly rate is due regardless of the number of days the child attends or if schools are closed one to two days due to holiday or in-service.

Daily Drop-In Care Attendance fees are due on the Monday of the week following a drop-in attendance. Fees are only charged when drop-in attendance is used.

Payments for services

Clients may pay fees online or by phone. Clients may pay in advance in order to avoid late fees or disruptions in services. Clayton will not issue refunds or credit adjustments due to absences or suspensions.

All payments are to be made electronically. Center employees are not permitted to accept payments in the form of cash or checks at any time. 

Online payment options are accepted via Clayton’s parent portal.

  1. Electronic check or credit card payments as a onetime payment: Credit card or bank account information is not stored in the parent portal.
  2. Electronic check or credit card payments as a recurring auto-draft occurs weekly, every Monday or first day following Monday if Monday is a holiday. Credit card or bank account information entered for recurring payments are stored in the parent portal for the purpose of Clayton payments only. Only the last four digits of the client’s account number is visible to Clayton staff. Clayton does not store credit card or bank account information.

Late Payment Fees
A $15.00 late fee will be applied to all delinquent accounts for the following charges: weekly fees, drop-in fees, search fees, and late pick up fees. Late fees are incurred after end of the business day each Wednesday on all unpaid balances.

Returned checks
A $30.00 fee will be charged to the account for each returned check or failed electronic payment. In the event of repeated incidents of insufficient payments, a credit card transaction may be required for future payments.

Additional fees
Additional fees will be added to the account as they are incurred and are due to be paid on the following business day. Late fees will apply if not paid when due.

Late Pick Up Fees
Children who are not picked up prior to the center’s established closing time will be charged a late pick up fee of $10.00 per child during the first five minutes after closing time. An additional $1.00 per minute per child will be charged thereafter.

Search Fee
Parents with children enrolled in the Before and After School Care and After School Care Only plans are required to notify the Site Manager (preferably by text message to the site phone) of a child’s absence prior to the end of the school day. Failure to do so will result in a $10.00 “search” fee per child to be applied to the account.

Attendance outside of the Elected Program Time
Children enrolled in the After School Only Care Plan or the Before School Only Care Plan that attend before school or after school when not scheduled will be charged the daily drop-in rate that is appropriate for that site.

Refunds must be requested through the client services department via phone, email, fax or mail within ten (10) days after the last day of attendance.

Clayton reserves the right to terminate an account at any time for the following reasons:

  1. Delinquent payment for services after 12:00 p.m. on Friday of the week of service.
  2. Repeated failure to pick up your child from the center before closing time.
  3. Nonattendance for a full week without notice provided to the Client Service Department by the parent or guardian.
  4. Violations of the Clayton Code of Conduct by the child, parent, or authorized to pick up contact.

The Client Service Department will determine when the termination of services is in effect and will contact the parent or guardian on or before the effective day of termination. The site staff and school administration will also be notified.

Parents wishing to re-enroll children after termination for non-payment will be required to pay all past due balances, including late payment fees, fees for the week of return, plus a $25.00 reinstatement fee via electronic payment then authorize weekly automatic payments in the parent portal’s AutoPay system. If for any reason the automatic payments through AutoPay, are discontinued or in the event the automatic payment is declined, your child will consequently be terminated from the Clayton program effective immediately.

Clayton provides the following discounts to full week enrollment fees to those who qualify:

  • Sibling
  • Clayton Employee
  • ISD Employee (for full-time ISD employees)
  • Military (for active duty military personnel)

To qualify, clients must pay the full enrollment fee, contact the customer service department and provide necessary verification. Discounts do not apply to daily drop-in care or full day programs.

Financial assistance
Clayton realizes that some parents need assistance with childcare expenses. Clayton is a provider for Child Care Management Services (CCMS) which provides subsidized childcare to families who qualify. Clayton also provides scholarships made possible from community resources. Clients wishing to apply for scholarship assistance may complete the online request form from here

Clients are expected to pay all charges and fees on or before the designated due date. Clayton prefers to work directly with clients in the collection of payments due. Despite Clayton’s attempts to collect past due accounts, if amounts remain overdue due to the client’s financial inability or unwillingness to pay, the account may be placed into a collection agency.

Tax documents
As a courtesy, Clayton provides clients a Total Annual Child Care Expenses Receipt – Income Tax report of total childcare expenses online through the parent portal at the end of each year.

Account information
To find out about your account balances, receipts, etc., visit Clayton’s website at, click on the link for Parent Portal Access, and log-in to your account. If you need further assistance, contact Client Services at 817-923-9888.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment is open without discrimination to school-age and pre- school children, at locations where there is a Clayton program. However, during the summer our programs are open to all children regardless of residency; provided the program can meet the needs of the child, which includes being able to provide an appropriate safe environment. The enrollment process is complete when all required documentation (paper or electronic) and fees are submitted and accepted. See Financial Terms & Conditions for specific fee information. To enroll, visit our website at: .

To enroll click here.

Parent of Record
Parents/Legal Custodians are considered the parents of record and are responsible for payment of tuition and authorizing who may pick up the child(ren). All changes must be submitted in writing.

Non-Discrimination Clause
Clayton Youth Enrichment, a non-profit organization, does not discriminate in employment, enrollment or nutrition programs on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability or handicap, age, veteran status or any other status protected under local, state or federal laws.

Clayton School Age Child Care centers are licensed by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Child Care Licensing. A copy of the state department’s Minimum Standards, as well as a copy of the most recent licensing inspection, can be found at the parent sign-in area at each center. A copy can also be found at DFPS Hotline: 1-800-252-5400.

Important Numbers

Texas Health and Human Services
(817) 321-8604 or

The Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 252-5400