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Employee FAQs

We know you have lots of questions about everything that is happening right now. These are the best answers we have at this time to the most common questions we are hearing related to your employment at Clayton and the resources available. This page will be updated as we have more information and as the situation changes.

Please visit the COVID-19 page for more links to important community resources.

Questions and Answers for Clayton Employees

Who do I contact if I need to ask a question or provide updated information on how I can be reached?

  • Please visit our Contact Us page to ask questions or leave your information. Your message will be routed to the appropriate person.

  • Who do I contact about my 401K?

  • Call Human Resources at 817-345-6998.  You can also call Don Lyons, our 401K account representative at:
    649.1981  EXT 100
    Cell:  817.307.2142

    What options do I have when insurance runs out?

  • When Clayton has stopped paying employee premiums, there are a few options:
    A COBRA letter will be sent out which is a “Continuation of Benefits” notification which allows the employee to work directly with Blue Cross Blue Shield on a medical benefit plan and the employee is responsible for the premiums and signing up.

    • Go online to the Government health care options at:  https://www.healthcare.gov/, the number is 800-318-2596.
    • Call Gus Bates Broker’s office and work with their individual insurance accounts agent Jeff Schaffer (817-347-9150) who can answer any questions and can help you get enrolled through the government exchange program.
    • Work with John Peter Smith Hospital on their Connection program located at: https://www.jpshealthnet.org/financial-resources/jps-connection

    How do I contact Cobra?

  • Cobra is automatically dispersed when an individual is terminated in the system and or the carrier is notified of employer non participation. Those letters are sent out by the claims administrator Higginbotham. Clayton’s account manager is Gaynia Hairston at ghairston@higginbotham.net or 817-349-2220.  You should be looking for this in the mail if COBRA were activated.

  • What if I have personal property at the schools?

  • The schools are not occupied at the current time.  No one has access.  As soon as we return you will be able to get into the school to get your belongings.

  • How do I access my training records, Director Certificates or TB tests?

  • For copies of Directors’ Certificates or copies of TB tests, email HR at pyoder@claytonyouth.org and those will be emailed to you. For CPR and First Aid contact Laura Stern at lstern@claytonyouth.org.

  • When Clayton reopens will I have to reapply? If yes, how do I do this?

  • When Clayton re-opens you will be asked to complete an application and update existing information relative to I-9 verification and Tax Forms

  • In regard to our benefits, if we do not return before the Cobra goes into effect, will we have to reapply for benefits when we return?

  • We do not have the answer to this as of yet. We are waiting for our insurance providers and our Insurance Brokers to answer this question.

  • What if I have a question regarding my paycheck, other accounting reimbursement?

  • For questions regarding paychecks or other reimbursement, such as mileage, please email accounting@claytonyouth.org or call 817-345-6786.
  • Questions and Answers from Texas Workforce Commission Website

    What programs and services does TWC provide?

  • The major functions of TWCinclude developing the workforce, providing support services including child care for targeted populations participating in workforce training and adult education and literacy services, providing services for people with disabilities to obtain training and employment, and administering the Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment Tax programs. TWC also provides information and analysis on shifts in occupations and industries within the state.
  • For job seekers and employees, we offer career development information, job-search resources, training programs and, as appropriate, unemployment benefits. While targeted populations receive intensive assistance to overcome barriers to employment, all Texans can benefit from the services offered by the partners of Texas Workforce Solutions.
  • Use our Programs & Services menu to find more detailed information about the programs and services TWC

  • Has TWC waived the one-week waiting period for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits?

  • Yes, Governor Abbott granted the Texas Workforce Commission’s request to suspend the one-week waiting period. Workers in Texas will be able to receive benefits immediately after their unemployment benefit applications are approved.

  • Can TWC assist us if the pandemic forces a mass layoff?

  • Yes – TWC’s Rapid Response Unit can help employers and affected employees access unemployment claim and reemployment services in a very streamlined and efficient manner. For information, see the TWC website at https://twc.texas.gov/businesses/rapid-response.